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Palmer Johnson initiated a new development programme for their next generation of Supersport yachts.
I was invited to contribute to the ideation and strategy phase as one of  a small number of external designers asked to propose the next generation 46m/150 ft superyacht.


A juxtaposition of contemporary mediterranean luxury and pure performance.



The Palmer Johnson line is at its core a brand that is focused on high performance with attention to detail, quality and innovation.

The potential target group who seek a performance biased yacht are more likely to covet a contemporary style of luxury which much like the essence of performance is driven by clean, efficient and elegant solutions with high emphasis on minimalism but material quality.


The inspiration is therefore driven from a juxtaposition of high performance and modern luxury, the obvious comparison product that also merges high motional performance with quality and luxury are Grand Touring sports cars. These products are also focused on visual communication through evocative, elegant and dynamic styling.

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