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Bow Tie Can

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Budweiser’s share of the U.S. market peaked in 1988 at 26%, and sank to 9% in 2013. Even more troubling for Anheuser-Busch is that Budweiser seems at risk of being forgotten by an entire generation.”

4 out of 10 people in their mid-20s have never even tried Budweiser”

— a rate 2.5 times higher than when it reigned supreme!

Through an innovation campaign initiated in association with AB InBev's own development team, of numerous proposals the exploration of a new can forming technology proved an immediate hit in youth consumer tests.


The reaction to the prototype can was so strong that Budweiser swiftly turned the project into reality without any changes to the concept.

Reasons to believe

Production started in 2013 after an investment of $20 million dollars including the development of a new production line that integrated the innovative vertical shaping technology. A healthy demand saw a production of 60 million Bow Tie cans in the first production quarter.

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