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In a project that began by analysing real world directions and outcomes of a future transportation infrastructure, environmental and social responsibility dominated.  By looking at nature and biomimicry as a major inspiration, the aim was to conceive a realistic next generation vehicle that  addressed social responsibility and became a segway to a change in desirability and attraction that fully autonomous vehicles may bring.


Key sketch

Nissan Bar.png

Design detail

Nature and the use of colour to communicate in the natural world became the main influence in developing a design that addressed future responsibility and desirability. Nature uses colour for attraction, warning and communication, it therefore offers an opportunity for mimicry to transfer into automotive design.Vehicles that have been in an incident, have broken down or are manoeuvring at a dangerous junction activate a warning colour profile in the LEP panels, at the same time create a warning radio signal to alert vehicles within proximity, much like the systems observed in nature.

Bioluminescent sea life and pigment translocating creatures inspired the design solution.

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