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Augmented around a new and innovative liquid cooled, high performance architecture, Asus' gaming division were looking for fresh inspiration when evolving new product concepts for their gaming systems.

The challenge was to find a direction that could permeate a broader market whilst still maintaining appeal to a hardcore gaming fraternity.


Initial discovery

Initial desktop research revealed an abberant insight in the formation of the current and evolving gaming market, revealing a surprisingly broad environment.

It suggested that the segments highest potential exposure was towards a more mature demographic with a higher disposable income.


Interviews with industry experts attested to this, but also revealed unexpected trends such as the demand for Gaming PCs as economic alternatives to CAD and media stations. It also highlighted users who were seeking multifunctionality which framed its sales differentiator from consoles.



It was evident that the current market was saturated with a prominent sci-fi aesthetic which appealed to a specific segment. However it stood in stark contrast with the neutral and less polarizing identity of consoles. This presented an irony, as the console was singularly for gaming and the PC was a multifunctional system. It was apparent that there could be an opportunity in the market for a Gaming PC that accentuated its multifunctional status and thus appeal whilst still communicating a semantic of power and gaming experience. Going forward, a three point strategy evolved from the insights to guide the product concept.

the drive

the innovation

the brand

Initial Sketch Exploration

Final proposal


The concept was built around a message of power and performance and was inspired by aircraft jet engines. This also worked beyond the semantic realm and into practicality by offering a structure conducive to cooling. The gaming function is enhanced by sound reactive illumination that vibrantly changes colour and pattern frequency to mood, thus enhancing the gaming experience. In line with modern syncronistic user interaction the front OLED touch panel offers direct access to tandem services such as perfomance tuning, music and social media.

Audio reactive illumination


Beyond the console!

Enhancing the gaming experience whilst understanding that it's not all just a game!

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