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Leaf is a tidy, minimal and convienient VOIP phone with a dock unit that also operates as a charger, transmitter/receiver and message display.

The dock is lockable to the body for simple carriage.


The ever expanding VOIP market is become increasingly popular with business users. It offers a versatile and cost effective service that can provide superior quality and function to conventional telephony.


Asus saw an opportunity to enhance business usage with an ‘on the go’ solution that offers mobile flexibility to Skype users.


A world first, Asus wanted a DECT Skype phone that would work on any PC or notebook via a small USB dongle transmitter/receiver.

Primarily targeting the business segment, an enclosure and dongle solution was required that maintained a conservative appeal and clean intuitive functionality.

Whilst exploring numerous concepts the convenience of dongle integration and storage was considered, this led to an evolving idea of an integrated and stowable recharge dock.

Concept selection

Colour and material definition

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Final proposal

Perfect together, perfect apart.

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