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Geotate, a technology innovator that had developed an ultra compact GPS chip, joined forces with Altek cameras, a leading ODM camera manufacturer to integrate the technology into a flagship product. Altek needed to know how to best commercialise the new technology with emphasis on ‘geo tagging’ which is the association of GPS coordinates to an image’s EXIF data files.


A number of workshops with Altek were coordinated to help define a product narrative that sat right with what they represented as a business, the aspirations of their clients (as ODM) and how the technology could resonate with the intended markets.

The output provided a visual language guide to help navigate the design process.

Visual Language

Sketch Exploration

The GPS receiver could not be obscured or lie within 3mm of  any metal componentry and location required an external protrusion to maximise performance.

An NMVM coating (new at the time of design) was used as a decor solution to give the appearance of a metal surround without interfering with the GPS reception.




Altek succesfully sold the proposal to Aigo and the Patriot was launched as the World's first consumer GPS camera .

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