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Jonathan is an industrial designer whose success has been shaped by diversity; he has lived and worked across the globe utilizing his multi-disciplined expertise to assist many international brands in delivering award winning design solutions.

Having studied both Industrial and Automotive Design at Coventry University he found a passion covering a wide bandwidth that continued into his professional life, consequently the varied exposure of consultancy work and an adaptive skill-set have provided Jonathan successful engagement in many industries including Aviation, Rail, Marine, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, User Interface, Medical, FMCG and Environment design.

Strategic vision, coherent research directed storytelling and an experience driven balance of the rational and emotional are his foundation. With every unique project Jonathan benefits from his naturally empathic and curious approach believing success is driven by a holistic understanding coupled with a passion for detail. 

With a drive for intelligent and intuitive integration of technology in design, Jonathan has enjoyed working within both consultancy and manufacturer’s studios in Europe, Asia and the US working for clients such as Boeing, Hitachi, Asus, Palmer Johnson, Lufthansa, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Acer, Budweiser, GSK, Stella Artois and Sanofi.



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